Race Feedback

Well done! Thanks so much to all those who helped make this possible! This year’s race, even with the parking/weather complications, was well run and put together. The communication of all the pending/possible changes was excellent, the post race beverage/food was amazing, and the glasses (great to see a different design from previous years!!), shirts, and medals were awesome.

Only suggestion, especially if the weather had been nice, would be to plan for more space for post race drinking. Even with a small turn out the area was overcrowded and tough to move around in.

Overall, much improved from previous years!

This was one of the best, most well-organized races I have ever run! They are communicative and do everything they can to ensure it will be a race well run and, most importantly, that runners are safe! I truly enjoyed running the Horsetooth Half Marathon and look forward to running it again someday.

It was amazing!! The staff and volunteers were great!! What a wonderful experience!!

Outstanding race and well communicated with some serious weather obstacles. Volunteers were fantastic!

Great race even in the snow. Definitely will do it again next year.

My favorite race in Fort Collins! Can’t wait to do it next year – snow or shine.

Very well organized race, especially considering the last minute weather logistics

Once again a great race you put on!
And I want to thank Chris the pacer for 1:45 he was awesome.

You know how to put together one helluva race. I had a great time and run. I am glad that the weather cooperated. Everything went off without a hitch. Thanks to you, all of the race volunteers, The Holiday Twin, and all of the sponsors! See you next race!

The race was a lot of fun yesterday. I appreciate how well you communicated contingency plans. And boy, did soup hit the spot after that run!

Thank you for putting on an excellent race yesterday. It was awesome and I’ll be back next year for sure.

Thank you for the opportunity to run in such a well organized event! You and your team did an outstanding job!

I wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for making this years race a smooth, great one. The communication about plans with the weather was spot on and there was no question about what was happening. The weather was awesome. I’ve run it for the last many years, and I’ll be back again next year. Great work and thanks!

Thank you for a great race, and for working so hard to make it happen. I appreciate that you had a plan B instead of canceling, even though it wouldn’t have been ideal. I know you probably got a lot of flak for potentially changing the course, but it would have been way better than canceling, and I understand that postponing wasn’t really an option.

Thank you, also, for the training plan. My goal was to finish without injury, and I did. I didn’t have a time goal because I wasn’t sure what to expect with the hills, but my "it would be nice" time goal was 2:15, and I finished in 2:09:12 (according to my watch — I’m sure the official time is similar). So it was a great race and a gorgeous day.

I was lucky enough to run the Horsetooth Half last week; it was an amazing run!