Race Day Logistics – Parking, Beer, Pint Glasses & More!

With race day on the horizon, we’ve got a few FAQ we want to give special emphasis to so you know the who/ what / when / where / why for your day of celebration!

Beer Service

All runners receive a free post-race beer from our host, New Belgium Brewing, with their registration. 

We require ID verification for all alcohol service.  You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Have your ID with you at the finish line (carry it, stash it in your gear bag, or have a friend/family member bring it)
  • Bring your ID to packet pickup Saturday and visit the wristband station.  We’ll verify your age, attach your wristband then & there, and you keep it on until your finish the next day

At the Finish Line Party, there will be THREE stations where you can get beer service:

  • The main bar in the Liquid Center will be full service for everyone.  All drafts available, service to runners, spectators, friends & family, for purchase or for runners to claim their free beers.
  • The ‘Beerstream’ trailer on the SE corner of the main lawn will similarly be open to all, serving drafts of New Belgium’s most popular brews, and you are welcome to claim your free beer there.
  • FOR FASTEST SERVICE, there will be an express lane in the West Bar area of the New Belgium building.  This station is ONLY open to runners claiming their free beers and will offer cans of New Belgium’s most popular brews. 
    • Runners – if you prefer a draft other than those listed in the express lane for your free beer, you are absolutely welcome to it, and should opt for service at the main bar
    • Anyone looking to purchase a drink should visit either the main bar or Beerstream.  The express lane is ONLY for runners claiming their free beer.

Runner Pint Glasses

Every runner receives a commemorative Horsetooth Half pint glass as part of their registration.  Past experience has taught us there’s many better ways to distribute glass objects than in the finish chute. 🙂 You can pick up your pint glass either:

  • At Saturday’s Packet Pickup at Raintree Athletic Club
  • At the Finish Line Party/Expo on Sunday, located on the NE corner of the lawn (just to the right as you face the main New Belgium entrance – see map above)

Parking / Race Morning Drop-Off

Vehicle Parking

Race parking will be at the Holiday Twin Drive-In (2206 South Overland Trail) or on city streets north of the Drive-In..

Important! If you are planning to PARK at the Drive-In, you will need to be heading north on Overland Trail to access the Drive-In (right turn only). There will be no left turn into the Drive-In. Vehicles coming from the north will have to drive down to Cottonwood Glen Park to turn and approach from the south.

The Drive-In is located 3/4 of a mile east of the race start. Port-a-johns, packet pickup and bag drops will all be on the private lot directly to the south of the race start. Some toilets will also be available at the Drive-In concession area. Please plan accordingly in terms of the time you’ll need to get from your car to the start. We advise getting to the Drive-In no later than 7:30am.

Runner Drop-Off

If you are planning to get DROPPED OFF at the start line, you will need to approach Dixon Canyon Rd heading South on Overland Trail (right turn only).

All runner drop-off traffic will be westbound (from Overland Tr) on Dixon Canyon Rd (CR 42C) from 7:00am-8:00am with two lanes on Dixon Canyon for drop-off and one – the north shoulder – for thru traffic. The south shoulder will be coned for pedestrian/runner traffic. Drop-off will be ‘airport style’ so please be ready to ‘de-car’ quickly once you arrive. There will be no U-turns on CR 42C once runners are dropped off. Drop-off vehicles will exit to the west and can circle back into town south on 38e or north on Centennial (CR 23).

Dixon Canyon Rd & the northbound lane of CR23 will be closed to all vehicle traffic from 8:00am.


Ride your bike to the start and Recycled Cycles will transport it to the finish for you to ride home. We’ll have a drop-off location right by race morning packet pickup. Bike retrieval at the finish will be by the bus shuttle on Linden Centre Drive.


Free busing will be available from the finish area back to the Drive-In parking. Buses will be running from 10:00am to 1:00pm. The bus pickup location is on Linden Centre Drive, in the parking area west of New Belgium.

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